CTGlab coordinates the Minor Brain and Mind - an expert overview of many hot topics related to research into the Brain and Mind, open to all (inter-) national third year Bachelor students. Start: yearly in September

PhD student Jorim Tielbeek coordinates the Honors course Biosocial aspects of criminal behavior for highly talented students.

Sophie van der Sluis and Tinca Polderman coordinate the Honors course Complex Trait Genetics for excellent UvA, AUC and VU Bachelor students.

Sven Stringer and Danielle Posthuma coordinate the minor course ‘Psychiatric Genetics’ for Bachelor of Medicine students


CTGlab participates in the Research Master of Neurosciences at the CNCR-VU Amsterdam

Danielle Posthuma coordinates the elective course Neuropsychiatric Genetics for 2nd year master of Neuroscience or Biomedical Science students, and is track coordinator of Behavioral and Medical Genomics

PhD research school

CTGlab PhD students participate in the ONWAR research school or the NIHES research school. In addition, they participate in international courses in the field of bioinformatics or statistical genetics.

SPEC meeting

We organize a regular SPEC: ‘Scientific Papers and Expertise Club’ which can be a journal club, but may also involve workshops in novel (statistical) techniques as well as updates on CTGlab projects. The schedule is maintained by Suzanne Sniekers
See the SPEC schedule:

27-01-2016Connecting brain and personalityCésar
A network approach in geneticsMats
Linking Nature and Nurture: findings, challenges and how to proceedJorim
24-02-2016Epilsepsy in Rett syndromeEsther (Lisa’s student)
Delay of network oscillation patterns in Rett neurons caused by a reduced KCC2 expressionLisa
09-03-2016Update: Epigenetic profiling EA & GWAS risk toleranceRichard
Update: GWAS of dietFleur
23-03-2016An excursion to cellomics dataSven
The analysis of DNA-methylation profiles of patients with Frontotemporal dementia (FTD)Erdogan
06-04-2016Post-GWAS follow up analysesKyoko
Gene-based analysis reports novel loci associated with frontotemporal dementia and its clinical subtypes Aniket
04-05-2016Evaluation of DEPICT & Combining gene-set analysis methodsChristiaan
Polygenic risk scores and child behavioral problemsPhilip J.
18-05-2016Using iPSCs to identify pathological pathways in schizophreniaStephanie
01-06-2016From Parkinson’s to Alzheimer’s disease: the genetics of neurodegenerative diseasesIris
Genetic overlap between ASD and schizophreniaArija
29-06-2016TBAStudent presentations: Yubin & Santa
21-09-2016Investigating genetic heterogeneity in neuroticism (UKB data)Mats
05-10-2016Of Genes and Screens: Educational Reform, Ability, and Labor Market ScreeningAysu
19-10-2016The association between Frontotemporal Dementia, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, and Autism spectrum disorder Comparison of genetic architecturesErdogan
02-11-2016Unrevealing the peaks of genome-wide association studies (GWAS): from SNPs to genes to molecular functionsKyoko
Genome-wide association study of 155,439 individuals identifies
one locus associated with risk tolerance
16-11-2016GWAS of insomnia identifies novel risk genes and genetic overlap with psychiatric and metabolic traitsAnke
TBAPhilip J.
30-11-2016Genetic Instrumental VariablesCasper
Genome-wide association analysis of intelligence identifies 18 novel genetic lociSuzan
14-12-2016The effect of coding variants on Alzheimer-related endophenotypesIris
11-1-2017Using iPSCs to reveal pathological pathways in schizophreniaStephanie
Educational background and current PhD projectJosefin
25-1-2017p-value thresholds in large GWAS datasetsSven
TBAstudent (Jeske)
19-4-2017Dynamics of gene expression in the BrainKyoko
TBAPhilip J.
28-6-2017TBAstudent (Bo Shan)
5-7-2017TBAstudent (Camiel)
TBAstudent (Julia)
TBAstudent (Amrish)