SPEC 2016

27-01-2016Connecting brain and personalityCésar
A network approach in geneticsMats
Linking Nature and Nurture: findings, challenges and how to proceedJorim
24-02-2016Epilsepsy in Rett syndromeEsther (Lisa’s student)
Delay of network oscillation patterns in Rett neurons caused by a reduced KCC2 expressionLisa
09-03-2016Update: Epigenetic profiling EA & GWAS risk toleranceRichard
Update: GWAS of dietFleur
23-03-2016An excursion to cellomics dataSven
The analysis of DNA-methylation profiles of patients with Frontotemporal dementia (FTD)Erdogan
06-04-2016Post-GWAS follow up analysesKyoko
Gene-based analysis reports novel loci associated with frontotemporal dementia and its clinical subtypes Aniket
04-05-2016Evaluation of DEPICT & Combining gene-set analysis methodsChristiaan
Polygenic risk scores and child behavioral problemsPhilip J.
18-05-2016Using iPSCs to identify pathological pathways in schizophreniaStephanie
01-06-2016From Parkinson’s to Alzheimer’s disease: the genetics of neurodegenerative diseasesIris
Genetic overlap between ASD and schizophreniaArija
29-06-2016TBAStudent presentations: Yubin & Santa