Dwayne Holmes

PhD student
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2012-PhD candidateVU University Amsterdam
2011‑2012Scientific ResearcherACTA, VU University Amsterdam / University of Amsterdam
2009‑2011Master of Science in Biomolecular Science (cum laude)VU University Amsterdam


4H Syndrome is a childhood neural disorder involving various symptoms such as hypomyelination, impaired tooth development, impaired sexual development, and reduced cerebellar volume. Mutations in the POLR3 gene or genes related to POLR3 function have been linked to this disorder. The potential for modeling 4H syndrome pathology using patient-derived iPSCs is being investigated. Research includes development of 2D and 3D (formation of brain “organoids” or “mini-brains”)
differentiation protocols for generation of different neural cell types, particularly cerebellar granule cells and oligodendrocyte progenitors.


Heine VM, Dooves S, Holmes D, Wagner J. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Brain Diseases. Understanding the Methods, Epigenetic Basis, and Applications for Regenerative Medicine. SpringerBriefs in Neurosciences. 2012, 2012, XV, 59 p. 7 illus., 6 in color.

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VU University
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