Jorim Tielbeek

PhD student
PhD student

Short CV

•  2013 - current: PhD Student VUmc de Bascule
•  2010 - 2012:  Master of Neurosciences, cum laude, VU University
•  2007 - 2010:  Bachelor Psychology VU University
•  2006 - 2011:  Bachelor Criminology Erasmus University/VU University


From gene to mean. A neuroimaging genetics study on functional gene sets involved in endophenotypes of antisocial behavior.

Antisocial behavior poses a major burden for society. Revealing its causes may provide clues for treatment and prevention. However, antisocial behavior is phenotypically heterogeneous and of polygenic nature, both of which seriously hamper current etiological investigations. During my PhD. I will try to tackle these two issues by using an innovative, integrated strategy incorporating genetics and imaging, and by capitalizing on the availability of large genetically informative datasets for antisocial behavior as well as a smaller but unique dataset of juvenile delinquents with imaging data. We aim to identify biological pathways underlying antisocial behavior, which could inform and improve current treatment strategies.

Contact info


VU University Medical Center Amsterdam
Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ‘De Bascule’

VU University, FALW, Complex Trait Genetics, De Boelelaan 1083, 1081 HV, Amsterdam, Room B635


+31 20 8901361