Josefin Werme

PhD student
Team Member

Short CV

Oct 2016 – Current

  • PhD Statistical Genetics | Dept. Complex Trait Genetics, CNCR, VU Amsterdam

Oct 2015 – Sept 2016

  • MSc Genes, Environment, & Development | King’s College London
    • Project: “The genetic influences of reward sensitivity and hyperactivity: Developing a co-expression network for the VPS4A and the dopamine and noradrenaline receptor genes”

Oct 2012 – July 2015

  • BSc Psychology | Middlesex University
    • Project: “The combined behavioural effects of endogenous spatial attention and exogenous temporal attention: A vibrotactile rhythmic cueing study”

Oct 2014 – April 2015

  • Student Learning Assistant | Middlesex University
    • Role: Assisting research methods and data analysis labs for first year Psychology students at Middlesex University


The genetic aetiology of complex traits is mediated by biological processes at many different levels of function. However, one limitation of genomic research concerns the inability to easily model multiple sources of genetic and biological data simultaneously. Additionally, comprehensive data sets that contain the necessary information to do so are scarce and limited in size.

The aim of my project is therefore to develop a statistical tool that can allow researchers to more easily model genetic effects on multiple biological levels, even in the absence of comprehensive data sets. To do so, I will integrate pre-existing eQTL, mRNA, and protein data into the analysis of genetic association data, thereby enabling a more accurate delineation of the paths by which genetic variation influences a phenotype across these different levels. Hopefully, by facilitating this systems biology approach to the study of complex traits, we can increase our understanding of the underlying biological pathways involved in their development even further.

Contact info


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (CNCR)
Department of Complex Trait Genetics
W&N building, Room B-628
De Boelelaan 1085
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands


+31 20 598 32 66