Genetic and Biological Pathways

Several research projects at CTGlab focus on optimizing methods to define and model the effects of biological pathways on complex traits.

Imaging Genetics

CTGlab combines brain imaging and genetics to understand how genetic variation in genes or pathways influences cognitive and psychiatric phenotypes by altering brain structure or function.

Psychiatric Genetics

A major theme in our group is to understand underlying causes of psychiatric traits.

Statistical Genetics

Research projects in CTGlab have a strong focus on developing novel statistical tools to benefit from available genomics datasets and aid in detecting genetic pathways underlying disease.

iPSc for Complex Traits

CTGlab hosts the VU stem cell lab to generate iPSC derived nerve cells that can be used to study cellular function important for disease.

Data Cohorts & Consortia

CTGlab has initiated data collection of two large scale cohorts: NESCOG and ‘BinnensteBuiten’, and is partner in the ID1000 sample collection of the Spinoza Centre, where it is responsible for genetic analyses.

The Genetic Cluster Computer

CTGlab directs the Dutch Genetic Cluster computer, which provides computing power to hundreds of genetic researchers.