Software, Resources & GWAS Sumstats


Use FUMA for post-GWAS functional annotation of genetic variants


MAGMA is a tool for gene analysis and generalized gene-set analysis of GWAS data. It can be used to analyse both raw genotype data as well as summary SNP p-values from a previous GWAS or meta-analysis.


LAVA is a tool to conduct genome-wide, local genetic correlation analysis on multiple traits, using GWAS summary statistics as input.


Use TATES for multivariate GWAS based on P-values from GWAS.


Use JAG for gene-set analysis in GWAS datasets.


Use JAMP for multivariate GWAS analysis, based on raw genotypic data.


Use Prob2plinkbig to convert large MACH probability files to PLINK dosage files.

Curated geneSets

Expert curated gene-sets that can be used for gene-set analysis.

GWAS Summary Statistics

Download summary statistics from GWAS led by our team here

Multivariate GWAS

Use the provided simulation script to compare the Type I error rate and power between multiple multivariate genome-wide association tests.