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Summary statistics from the gwasATLAS from Kyoko Watanabe et al., Nat Genet. 2019

Watanabe K, Stringer S, Frei O, Umicevic Mirkov M, Polderman TJC, van der Sluis S, Andreassen OA, Neale BM, Posthuma D. A global view of pleiotropy and genetic architecture in complex traits. Nat Genet. 2019 Sep;51(9):1339-1348. doi: 10.1038/s41588-019-0481-0

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The sumstats file below contains 600 sumstats from 600 traits from UKBiobank release 2, that were used in the above study.

Warning: Please be aware that the 1st file is very large, follow the links in gwasATLAS to download individual sumstats

Summary statistics for Insomnia, wave 2 from Philip Jansen et al., 2019

Jansen PR, Watanabe K, Stringer S, Skene N, Bryois J, Hammerschlag AR, de Leeuw CA, Benjamins JS, Muñoz-Manchado AB, Nagel M, Savage JE, Tiemeier H, White T; 23andMe Research Team, Tung JY, Hinds DA, Vacic V, Wang X, Sullivan PF, van der Sluis S, Polderman TJC, Smit AB, Hjerling-Leffler J, Van Someren EJW, Posthuma D. Genome-wide analysis of insomnia in 1,331,010 individuals identifies new risk loci and functional pathways. Nature Genetics 2019 Mar;51(3):394-403. doi: 10.1038/s41588-018-0333-3.
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Note that sumstats do not include 23andme results, please refer to the manuscript on how to access these

Summary statistics for Alzheimer’s dementia from Iris Jansen et al., 2019

Jansen IE, Savage JE, Watanabe K, Bryois J, Williams DM, Steinberg S, Sealock J, Karlsson IK, Hägg S, Athanasiu L, Voyle N, Proitsi P, Witoelar A, Stringer S, Aarsland D, Almdahl IS, Andersen F, Bergh S, Bettella F, Bjornsson S, Brækhus A, Bråthen G, de Leeuw C, Desikan RS, Djurovic S, Dumitrescu L, Fladby T, Hohman TJ, Jonsson PV, Kiddle SJ, Rongve A, Saltvedt I, Sando SB, Selbæk G, Shoai M, Skene NG, Snaedal J, Stordal E, Ulstein ID, Wang Y, White LR, Hardy J, Hjerling-Leffler J, Sullivan PF, van der Flier WM, Dobson R, Davis LK, Stefansson H, Stefansson K, Pedersen NL, Ripke S, Andreassen OA, Posthuma D. Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies new loci and functional pathways influencing Alzheimer’s disease risk Nature Genetics, 2019 Mar;51(3):404-413. doi: 10.1038/s41588-018-0311-9

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Note - update 2019 december:

AD_sumstats_Jansenetal_2019sept.txt.gz are an updated version of the original summary statistics. In the meta-analysis of the previous version, the UKB dataset was weighted with an incorrect sample size, overestimating it by max 22,246 (5%). This resulted in a slight underestimate of effect sizes and slightly less significant P-values (in the order of the 9th decimal).We have reran the meta-analysis and have uploaded the new summary statistics.
For new analyses we advise to use the updated version of the summary statistics. However, for analyses that have been performed already, we think it is acceptable to work with the previous results. We reran all our functional follow-up results and observed minimal changes, and no alternative conclusions were drawn.

Summary statistics for neuroticism, neuroticism subclusters and depression from Mats Nagel et al., 2018b

Nagel M, Jansen PR, Stringer S, Watanabe K, de Leeuw CA, Bryois J, Savage JE, Hammerschlag AR, Skene N, Muñoz-Manchado AB, the 23andMe Research Team, White TJH, Tiemeier H, Linnarsson S, Hjerling-Leffler J, Polderman TJC, Sullivan PF, van der Sluis S, Posthuma D. Meta-Analysis of Genome-wide Association Studies for Neuroticism in 449,484 Individuals Identifies Novel Genetic Loci and Pathways. Nature Genetics, 2018 Jul;50(7):920-927

Please cite this reference when using the summary statistics.
Note that sumstats do not include 23andme results, please refer to the manuscript on how to access these

Summary statistics for intelligence, wave 2 from Jeanne Savage et al., 2018

Savage JE, Jansen PR, Stringer S, Watanabe K, Bryois J, de Leeuw CA, Nagel M, Awasthi S, Barr PB, Coleman JRI, Grasby KL, Hammerschlag AR, Kaminski J, Karlsson R, Krapohl E, Lam M, Nygaard M, Reynolds CA, Trampush JW, Young H, Zabaneh D, Hägg S, Hansell NK, Karlsson IK, Linnarsson S, Montgomery GW, Munoz-Manchado AB, Quinlan EB, Schumann G, Skene N, Webb BT, White T, Arking DE, Attix DK, Avramopoulos D, Bilder RM, Bitsios P, Burdick KE, Cannon TD, Chiba-Falek O, Christoforou A, Cirulli ET, Congdon E, Corvin A, Davies G, Deary IJ, DeRosse P, Dickinson D, Djurovic S, Donohoe G, Drabant Conley E, Eriksson JG, Espeseth T, Freimer NA, Giakoumaki S, Giegling I, Gill M, Glahn DC, Hariri AR, Hatzimanolis A, Keller MC, Knowles E, Konte B, Lahti J, Le Hellard S, Lencz T, Liewald DC, London E, Lundervold AJ, Malhotra AK, Melle I, Morris D, Need AC, Ollier W, Palotie A, Payton A, Pendleton N, Poldrack RA, Räikkönen K, Reinvang I, Roussos P, Rujescu D, Sabb FW, Scult MA, Smeland OB, Smyrnis N, Starr JM, Steen VM, Stefanis NC, Straub RE, Sundet K, Tiemeier H, Voineskos AN, Weinberger DR, Widen E, Yu J, Abecasis G, Andreassen OA, Breen G, Christiansen L, Debrabant B, Dick DM, Heinz A, Hjerling-Leffler J, Ikram MA, Kendler KS, Martin NG, Medland SE, Pedersen NL, Plomin R, Polderman TJC, Ripke S, van der Sluis S, Sullivan PF, Vrieze SI, Wright MJ, Posthuma D. Genome-wiide association meta-analysis (N=269,867) identifies new genetic and functional links to intelligence. Nature Genetics, 2018 Jul;50(7):912-919

Please cite this reference when using the summary statistics.

Summary statistics for neuroticism-items from Mats Nagel et al., 2018a

Nagel M, Watanabe K, Stringer S, Posthuma D, van der Sluis S. Item-level analyses reveal genetic heterogeneity in neuroticism. Nat Commun. 2018 Mar 2;9(1):905.
Please cite this reference when using the summary statistics.

Summary statistics for intelligence, wave 1 from Suzanne Sniekers et al. 2017

Sniekers S, Stringer S, Watanabe K, Jansen PR, Coleman JRI, Krapohl E, Taskesen E, Hammerschlag AR, Okbay A, Zabaneh D, Amin N, Breen G, Cesarini D, Chabris CF, Iacono WG, Ikram MA, Johannesson M, Koellinger P, Lee JJ, Magnusson PKE, McGue M, Miller MB, Ollier WER, Payton A, Pendleton N, Plomin R, Rietveld CA, Tiemeier H, van Duijn CM, Posthuma D. Genome-wide association meta-analysis of 78,308 individuals identifies new loci and genes influencing human intelligence. Nature Genetics, 2017,Jul;49(7):1107-1112.
Please cite this reference when using the summary statistics.

Summary statistics for insomnia, wave 1 from Anke Hammerschlag et al. 2017

Hammerschlag AR, Stringer S, de Leeuw CA, Sniekers S, Taskesen E, Watanabe K, Blanken TF, Dekker K, te Lindert BHW, Wassing R, Jonsdottir I, Thorleifsson G, Stefansson H, Gislason T, Berger K, Schormair B, Wellmann J, Winkelmann J, Stefansson K, Oexle K, Van Someren EJW, Posthuma D. Genome-wide association analysis of insomnia complaints identifies novel risk genes and genetic overlap with psychiatric and metabolic traits. Nature Genetics, 2017 Nov;49(11):1584-1592.
Please cite this reference when using the summary statistics.

Summary statistics for antisocial behavior from Jorim Tielbeek et al. 2017

Tielbeek JJ, Johansson A, Polderman TJC, Rautiainen M, Jansen P, Taylor M, Tong X, Lu Q, Burt AS, Tiemeier H, Viding E, Plomin R, Martin NG, Heath AC, Madden PAF, Montgomery G, Beaver KM, Waldman I, Gelernter J, Kranzler HR, Farrer LA, Perry JRB, Munafò M, LoParo D, Paunio T, Tiihonen J, Mous SE, Pappa I, de Leeuw C, Watanabe K, Hammerschlag AR, Salvatore JE, Aliev F, Bigdeli TB, Dick D, Faraone SV, Popma A, Medland SE, Posthuma D, for the Broad Antisocial Behavior Consortium collaborators. Genome-Wide Association Studies of a Broad Spectrum of Antisocial Behavior. JAMA Psychiatry. 2017, Dec 1;74(12):1242-1250.

Please cite this reference when using the summary statistics.
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